Eielson AFB

Proposed Action & Alternatives

On April 4, 2016, a Record of Decision (ROD) to beddown up to 54 primary and backup F-35A aircraft at Eielson Air Force Base (AFB) was signed and announced. Impacts were identified and presented in the Draft EIS (published September 4, 2015) and the public provided an opportunity to review and comment on the findings. The Final EIS (published March 4, 2016) addressed relevant comments on the Draft EIS and identified the Preferred Alternative. The original EIS evaluated infrastructure construction, demolition, renovations, additional personnel, and increases in aircraft operations at the airfield and in the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex (JPARC) airspace. However, additional projects were identified post-ROD that are needed to accommodate mission requirements. These changes are the subject of the SEIS.

The Air Force proposes to implement three actions at Eielson AFB. They are independent of each other and have standalone value for improving facility and infrastructure development in support of the F-35A beddown at Eielson AFB. The three are to: provide additional stormwater runoff control; develop equipment and material laydown areas; and provide additional heat, water, and power to the South Loop. While full implementation of all of the proposed actions is desired, and results in the greatest benefit for the beddown, each of the proposals if implemented alone would have a positive effect on facility and infrastructure development on the base. The no-action alternative will be addressed in the SEIS as well. Analysis of the no-action alternatives provides a benchmark to enable Air Force decision-makers to compare the magnitude of the environmental effects of the proposed actions. The SEIS focuses on issues specific to the projects identified above; it does not address components that have not changed from the original EIS and ROD. Elements that have not changed are the number and type of F 35A operations at the base and in the airspace; personnel increases; and the construction, demolition, renovation, and addition projects identified in the original EIS.

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